Year 6 Collaborative Fun Day

28th June 2018

This week, Year 6 have been very busy. To end our section of work on the Ancient Greeks we held our own version of the Ancient Olympics with events which included throwing the discus, javelin and shot-put and long jump. We ran a mini marathon and relay and ended with our version of a chariot race. the winning City State was Corinth! We followed this up with a feast of Greek foods: feta cheese, vine tomatoes, houmous, pitta bread and olives. And a dessert of figs, dates and grapes.

On Tuesday, as a result of their fantastic enterprise scheme and through a generous donation from Proudcastle, the year six children were treated to a fun fair at Coalville Rugby Club. A great deal of fun was had by all as the photos show.

Finally, yesterday saw the traditional trip to Drayton Manor. The children behaved very well and were praised by members of the park staff and bus drivers, for their manners. Thank you to Miss Turnbull, Mr Barney, Miss Humphreys and Mrs Geary for enduring the rides with us too.